Financial Statements

At Community Harvest, we recognize that our supporters and donors have high expectations of us to help the community we serve both efficiently and effectively while maintaining high standards of financial responsibility. And, we do!

Community Harvest is the one area food program that does not need to purchase any product or services. All of the food is donated. Additionally, the operating expenses are minimal because the entire program is executed by a team of dedicated volunteers and a staff of only one to run the office. As a result 97% of the contributions received by Community Harvest are spent on the programs and services we provide.

Audited Financial Statement - 2009
Audited Financial Statement - 2010
Audited Financial Statement - 2011
Audited Financial Statement - 2012
Audited Financial Statement - 2013

Tax 990 Forms

Tax Form 990 - 2009
Tax Form 990 - 2010
Tax Form 990 - 2011
Tax Form 990 - 2012


The Annual Reports provided by Community Harvest provide a brief synopsis of our fiscal responsibility, our history, and the key accomplishments that our partners and donors have helped us reach over the past twelve months. Please read our most recent Annual Report to learn more about the key impact we have made on local hunger and how our supporters have helped us make a difference.

Annual Report - 2012