Food Rescue Program
Helping Relieve Hunger in Stark County

A Message to Our Community

Community Harvest was one of the first non-profit groups in our country to create a unique solution to hunger – a solution that makes sense, is sustainable over time, and serves as a win-win for the community. With the help of the Tri-County Restaurant Association and other concerned members of the community, Community Harvest was formed 25 years ago with the aim of collecting excess prepared and perishable food and donating it to community groups serving the homeless and the hungry at no cost. This simple concept that began with a goal of preventing food waste while helping the hungry has evolved into a collaboration of numerous resources and agencies dedicated to providing over 80,000 meals a MONTH for those in need in our community! We’d like to thank all of our food donors, volunteers, participating hot meal programs, and champions of Community Harvest who have helped us reach our 25th Anniversary milestone. Collectively, we ALL make the delivery of over 1 Million meals each year possible!

Food Waste: 40% of all food produced in the US is thrown out, and household food waste alone adds up to $43 billion, making it a serious economic and environmental problem.

Hunger in Stark County: 2011 marked a dramatic increase in the number of food deprived children living in Stark County. It is estimated that one in five children under the age of 18 in Ohio are experiencing food insecurity.

Community Harvest has been addressing food waste and hunger in Stark County for 25 years by using a "common sense" approach of bringing two resources together. We rescue fresh, healthy, prepared food and deliver it to the people and places serving the meals. There is no cost for the food, because it is all donated by area restaurants and food providers. Last year, Community Harvest rescued $1.5 Million in food and delivered approximately 950,000 meals to our hungry neighbors in Stark County. This is an astonishing number for a paid staff of only one and twenty incredible volunteers!